We start with a quick visit to learn what you have in mind. We want to hear about all the ideas you have for your new home and will share how we can bring those to life for you.


Our in-house plan drafting services are unmatched. We work with the top designers to bring you the perfect plan. We can start from a sketch, revise plans from our private collection, or work with a design you have already had drawn. Home plans are drafted quickly and easily based on your inspiration, optimized to ensure that we fall within your expected budget with the best use of space, enhanced for the most pleasing aesthetics, and adjusted as many times as necessary. Full sets are completed, including accurate electrical, before construction begins. This is the first step to impeccable construction.


We would love to see where your new home will be standing soon! We can offer consult about the preparation of your homesite and if you don’t yet have the perfect piece of land, we can help with that. We keep a list of available homesites in MLS and also maintain relationships with local developers and land owners to ensure we have the best selection of build sites available. We build on your site. In fact, we specialize in building on your site. So unlike production builders, attempting to offer a ‘build on your site’, the custom home experience is our specialty. In fact, it is our focus.


Our homes are precisely measured and specs attentively drafted to ensure accuracy. Each home receives an independent proposal, complete with a room by room accounting of all the details. This process allows us to offer a “fixed price” service, giving our homeowners protection and peace of mind.


Many of our homeowners prefer to use their financial leverage to procure construction lending. We will be glad to assist with referral to one of our trusted lending partners or will build new relationships with your private banking team. We maintain excellent partnerships with trusted lenders to ensure a knowledgeable streamlined financing experience. Our partners offer finance programs with the lowest money down, ultra-competitive rates, and are extremely easy to work with, ensuring construction moves fluidly with the most user friendly draw schedules.


When it comes to design, there is nothing we can’t do. We will build the indoor rock bed waterfall, the puppy bowls built into your cabinet drawers, the fireman pole for your boys to get down to the basement playroom. Whatever you’ve got in mind, we can make it happen! Once we have picked all the features, our professional interior design team walks you through stress-free selection of the finish details to bring your design to life.

After we've completed the steps above, it's time to build!


Breaking ground on your new home is nothing less than a celebration! We enjoy a few minutes together digging in the dirt and setting the stage to prepare for ALL the excitement to come as we share the first step of the build process.


Building the foundation of your home is something that we take as seriously as you take building a foundational structure for your family. Whether we are constructing your home on a crawlspace, a raised slab, or a poured concrete basement, all our foundations are professionally engineered, ensuring long-term stability. Our basements come with a 100-year waterproofing warranty, and all our homes are backed by our in-house warranty for 10 years.

Framing Process

What goes behind the walls is as important to us as the finishes installed after sheetrock. Our framing is set 16 inches on center for utmost structural support. We use open-web floor trusses, which most efficiently distribute load from the second floor to the foundation.

Collaboration Visits

Like no other builder, Latreuo Homes has crafted a process for ongoing engagement throughout the build process. Our customer experience team will be with you for updates, milestone celebrations, to facilitate scheduled monthly visits with your builder, and to answer any question that may come up.

Details in Design

We are conscientious about how every piece of the construction process comes together for efficiency and durability over time. We utilize cutting edge systems and features in all of our homes. Every detail is evaluated to ensure the best value for our homeowners.


Our trade partners have been in the business for years, and our relationship with many of them exceeds a decade of work together. These individuals and their companies have exhibited the highest level of integrity in their performance and it shows in every Latreuo home.

Impeccable Quality

Everything we do, start to finish, is carefully crafted. We invest continually in our relationships with our trade partners to ensure we have the best craftsmen and products in the industry. Each trade has benchmark Quality Assurance markers built into their processes. These quality markers must be met prior to completion of work by each trade. Latreuo Homes stands behind the craftsmanship of each of our homes with a ten-year inclusive warranty, unheard of in this industry.


Our homes go through an extensive quality assurance process. Each feature is tested within a one thousand plus point checklist to ensure your home is delivered with impeccable execution fitting our Platinum Standard of Service.

A Note to Realtors®

We are Realtors® and we serve Realtors® as our partners through the process. Our job is to help your customers have the best experience possible, so we work with you at each turn to ensure you have all the information you need for your buyers to feel comfortable. We assist with consult prior to homesite purchase to ensure the build is a good fit for the lot, we help with financing, plans, permits… everything. Start to finish.

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